Banking and Finance Law


As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go round”. At ABM, we provide comprehensive legal advice in banking and finance as a key aspect in facilitating commercial transactions and business in general.

Our services include; preparation, review and registration of Loan Documents, Security Documents, Charges, Debentures, Bills of Sale, Guarantees, Promissory Notes, Foreclosures as well as Debt Collection services, advice and Legal representation related to lending and regulatory compliance, fiduciary activities, securitizations, payment systems, electronic banking, data security, and risk management.

Property and Construction law


Most businesses acquire assets including property as they grow and in this regard, businesses would require legal services on conveyancing matters.

At ABM, we understand the whole property environment including the physical, administration, regulatory, economic and sectoral elements. We also understand the motivations of each stakeholder such as buyer, seller, agent, developer, financier, tenant, property manager, insurer and shareholder.

We are able to deal with all aspects of real estate transactions and when it comes to construction law, we understand the various contentious and non-contentious issues that may arise.


Tax and Revenue law


Tax, audit and revenue matters are a rising concern for most businesses and understanding the law on tax and audit requirements is a complex process for the ordinary man.

At ABM,we employ and partner with a wealth of experts who understand the complexities involved in tax issues.

Our services include; providing consultancy services for situations that require immediate legal attention, attending of meetings and negotiations with the tax man, advising on tax assessments and third party notices and interpreting the law on various tax matters such as taxable income, tax exemptions, VAT, and other tax requirements.

Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual Property (IP) has recently been identified as the most valuable asset for businesses.

The risks attached to unregistered and unprotected IP could potentially result into economic loss to a company.

At ABM, we go beyond the traditional patent and trade mark protection services by identifying and monetizing the value of our Client’s businesses through the exploration of their IP assets to have the same commercialised in terms of their IP portfolios and other intangible assets. These services extend to all kinds of businesses from start-ups to multinationals.

Information and Communications (ICT) Law


At ABM, we recognise that technology has penetrated the way business is done and how business relations are built and managed.

In today’s world, almost every business needs to have internet presence since consumers expect e-commerce transactions for efficiency.

However, the dynamics of the Internet, the explosion of mobile commerce and the rising growth of e-commerce has created exposure for business owners and their customer’s with new risks and costs.

We understand ICT law at depth and identify with these new innovations and technological advancements and ensure that our client's businesses are in complaince and upto date with these developments.

Entertainment, Media and Broadcasting law


At ABM, we recognize that the issues of privacy and tort are a growing concern with the increasing number of media houses, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

In this area of law, issues concerning intellectual property, torts or privacy and ICT law may arise. Our expert services covers radio, music, television, films, art, theatre, books, websites and magazines and involves providing advice on commercial contracts, intellectual property matters, content standards and employee management, representing celebrities, political and well-known figures, sport players, clubs, sports agents, regulatory associations or sponsorship companies.

Human Resources/Labour Law


Human resource is at the heart of any well-established corporate entity and as such every business should have the right kind of human skill, experience and expertise to facilitate their growth.

In light of this, we provide services which extend to the review of employment contracts, advising and representing Clients in employer-employee disputes, industrial disputes, pensions, redundancies and restructuring, and workmen’s compensation and immigration. We also review and draft Human Resource manuals tailored to fit any kind of business from a legal perspective.

Immigration law


Immigration Law has enabled businesses explore foreign expertise for short and long term projects. Local and International Clients are important to us and in this regard we process their documentation and obtain various kinds of permits and visas to suite their needs.